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If you're unfamiliar with Babosarang, they're a Korean brand that basically sell gift items. They sell organizers, stationery, cases, etc. They basically sell everything for your organizing needs. Of course, all their products are adorable, so you can count on being the queen of cuteness if you own their products! They do have series, and I find their cutest is the Choochoo Cat series!

The Choochoo Cat series is pretty popular. They have so many different types of products just from this series alone. If you're a cat lover, you would definitely fall in love with the Choochoo Cat series.

Red riding Choochoo Cat hood.

This one's called Ruby.

And this one's Cookie.

Aside from bags, they also have cases! There are different sizes, so they cater to your different needs. I think they would most likely be used as a makeup pouch or pencil case.

From top to bottom: Ruby (again), Heaven and Pink Hood. Heaven is my favourite!

They have cases for your iPhone 4/4s, as well!

Which ones do you like the best? I like Heaven, Pearl Shiny and Flower.

A better closeup of my favs! Honestly, just by looking at them I am really tempted to get my own case for my phone! But all 3 are too cute; I can't decide which one to pick.

And they have other Choochoo Cat products like notebooks, zip pouches, calendars and more bags and iPhone cases!

This is all great if you love cats, but what about dog lovers? Well, I recently discovered that they now have a dog series, as well! It's called Lalala Dog, and I'm assuming it's fairly new because they only have makeup pouches and pencil cases so far.

The cute logo for Lalala Dog.

So far, they only have 3 pouches available. I'm already placing an order on Oriental Flower. Love the expression on the puppies! They look so derpish, but cute at the same time, haha.

The last products they have are the pencil cases. Similar to the makeup pouches, they only have 3 designs (but they are all different from the makeup pouches, at least!)

I think they're all so cute, but I like Nyamnyam the most simply because they look like piggies and I can relate, haha! The Oriental Rose is pretty similar to the Oriental Flower from the makeup pouches.

I actually really want to get a pencil case, as well. But the problem is, I don't really have a use for it since I am not in school at the moment.

I do hope they make more of the Lalala Dog series like they did with the Choochoo Cat. I would definitely be interested in a Lalala Dog iPhone case and a bag! I'm really looking forward to more Lalala Dog products, since the makeup pouches and pencil cases look promising.

None of these pictures belong to me. All are taken from Yesstyle.

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