Review: Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
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I first came across these gloss bars while browsing Sasa. They were having a summer sale, and I remember seeing the package and thought they were too cute to pass! The first one I got was Juicy Orange. I immediately fell in love with these gloss bars that I decided to buy another one, but I bought my second gloss bar in Juicy Cherry.

I first thought it was a lipstick, but it turns out to be more like tinted lip balm, which I have no problem with. It is quite sheer, so it gives your lips a more natural appearance. However, you can layer the lip gloss to make the colours pop even more! Since it is a gloss bar, it leaves your lips looking glossy and shiny. But unlike lip gloss, it does not leave your lips feeling sticky. In fact, it feels very moisturizing. I'd say they have the same consistency as lip balm!

The gloss bars have a different scent depending on the flavour. The smell isn't very strong. It's actually very subtle to the point where you can barely smell it.

What I find neat about these gloss bars are that the bunnies have different expressions according to the flavours! So cute! If you're a sucker for cute packaging like me, you may find yourself buying these gloss bars!

Color swatch:

Juicy Orange (left) and Juicy Cherry (right).

Juicy Orange

The expression on the bunny for Juicy Orange is anger!

When I first opened the cap, I was a bit worried because the gloss bar colour was really orange. I thought they would leave a very orange-y colour on my lips, but it's actually really natural looking with just a small tint of orange!

Just a note about Juicy Orange: Since it does have an orange tint, you have to be careful not to smudge or get any of the lipstick outside of your lips. Although the gloss bar is sheer, you can still notice orange bits around your lips. I usually get a Q-tip and clean my lips up a bit after application.

It smells like artificial orange. I can barely smell it, though. It's a very faint smell.

Juicy Cherry

The bunny on Juicy Cherry looks so sleepy! Or maybe he's bored.

I've learned from Juicy Orange that the tube's colour isn't as prominent as it would really look when applied to your lips. So I wasn't worried that Juicy Cherry would look too red when applied.

I actually like this one better than Juicy Orange. Although I think the angry bunny is cuter than sleepy/bored bunny, I like the colour better. I think Juicy Cherry is one of their "reddest" colour out of all their Petite Bunny gloss bars, and as you can see it's not too bold at all! It's actually quite natural looking (unless you put a lot of layers on).

It smells like artificial cherry, which I like. Smells a bit like those cherry lollipops, but not as strong! I like the smell on Juicy Cherry better than Juicy Orange.

 Very easy to apply; glides smoothly across lips
Cute packaging!
 Available in 9 different colours
 Portable; can easily pack it and carry with you wherever you go for re-application
 Colour stays on for a long time

 Some colours may be harder to find
● Hard to find unless you buy online. Many retailers online have different prices. I've seen the gloss bars range from $8-15, so make sure some research is done before purchasing.
Colour of the bar is not the same as the packaging! This may be deceiving when trying to decide which flavour to get.
Can be a bit too creamy that the bar will melt inside the tube.

Would I re-purchase? Yes! Most of the time, I don't even bother with lipstick or lip gloss since I can pretty much get it all in this gloss bar. Plus, the cute bunnies on the cap are a bonus! I love these gloss bars, and I would highly recommend if you are into natural looks. The only downside is that they are a bit expensive, but if you search online properly, you can find a good deal.

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