Christmas Kawaii
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I just want to start off by saying Merry Christmas! I wasn't originally going to make a Christmas post, but since I received quite a bit of kawaii plushies for Christmas, I decided to update!

All the kawaii stuff I received for Christmas. I know it actually isn't THAT much to update, but it's considered a lot to me! I've been restraining myself from buying kawaii things since I need to start saving up for school. But even when I do buy things for myself, I usually buy makeup and clothes instead. Everything is from my family, except the Arpakasso in the purple bear hoodie.

The Mameshiba family. I don' know why, but for the past month or so, I really started getting into Mameshiba. I've known about Mameshiba for a while now, but for some reason...I only realized its cuteness recently, haha. My favourite Mameshibas are the edamame and tiger bean! I actually hate the taste of edamame, and I have no idea if tiger bean is really a type of bean... Regardless, they make cute Mameshibas!

My attempt at making a cute pose for the Mameshibas.

A close-up of the baby Mameshiba. I find the babies absolutely adorable. I do find them much cuter than the regular Mameshibas, but all the baby plushes I found were either too big or too small in size! I think this one is from the Halloween series, since he looks like Frankenstein. I would love a Christmas baby Mameshiba, too (If it exists)!

Close-up of the tiger bean Mameshiba. The Alparkasso is in the background!

Here are the two Arpakassos I received. Arpakassos are one of my favourite Japanese mascots! Unfortunately, they only come in UFO catchers, so they are quite rare. My sister went to Japan this summer, and she got to try out the UFO catchers. She even nabbed a few! I'm quite jealous of her.

I think this is a mini Arpakasso from the cottan candy series. I have a few of these minis, and I usually use them as keychains for my makeup bag or purse!

From a new series, which I am unsure of what it's called. They're basically the baby Arpakassos that have "grown up"! They're now standing, as opposed to their baby selves who were laying down. In this "grown up" Arpakasso series, they're all wearing cute, animal hoodies. This one's from Ben!

I bought mine from Rosy's Garden, if anyone is interested in getting their own. She sells other cute Arpakassos from different series, as well.

I love this picture! It looks like a superhero shot.

And I have saved the best for last! This was my favourite kawaii plushie out of all the ones I have received this Christmas. Actually, I think this is at the top for one of my fav plushes!

A Soraneko plush!

I first stumbled upon Soraneko when I was about 13-14 years old. I used to go to Toronto monthly, and I'd make kawaii purchases there since there are way more kawaii merchandise in Toronto than in Montreal. I used to buy those $1 kawaii folders, and I bought a Soraneko one thinking it was really cute.

Many years later, I saw a picture on flickr of a Soraneko plush, and I immediately recognized the cat (from my folder, haha). The plush was sooo adorable, I wanted one for myself! My sister soon found its name, and she told me it's a really rare San-X mascot. Trying to find a plush of Soraneko was rare and extremely expensive!

I was so fortunate that my sister happened to be friends with a seller, who was getting rid of her kawaii collection because she had way too many plushies. I remember I made a purchase on her Soraneko plush, but the seller shortly contacted me and told me it was sold out! I was so bummed out, but when I unwrapped this gift, I had a speculation that my sister swiped it before I did! I really was surprised and happy that I received a Soraneko plush for Christmas. I really didn't expect it!

So how is your Christmas? Did you get all the gifts that you really wanted? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and hope you have a delicious dinner!

Haha, this actually isn't my tree this year. I spent Christmas this year with Ben and his family, and their tree is so much nicer than mine! His mom is really into decorating on Christmas. I love it; I feel so cozy and warm when I look at all the decorations. I love the penguin stocking!

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

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