Glossybox October 2012
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October's Glossybox came only a week after the September box! I wasn't expecting to receive it so quickly, so I was pretty surprised.  I know I am blogging on the same day as both Glossyboxes, but I have put off the September Glossybox for a while because I was too lazy, haha.

Anyway, onto the unboxing! This month's box is dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

The packaging I received. My address has been blurred out, in case you're wondering why it looks weird, haha!

Loki also loves Glossybox!

The pink box again!

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Glossybox September 2012
I've wanted to subscribe to a monthly beauty box for the longest time! I had a bit of difficulty choosing, but I finally decided to subscribe to Glossybox. The reason why was because of the Glossydots, where you receive points for reviewing their products, referring friends, etc. and with a certain amount of points, you get a free Glossybox. I also LOVE the packaging. It's beautiful, and I love the pink boxes. I was actually more interested in the products from Topbox, but it didn't come in a box like Glossybox. It came in a cylindrical tube instead, and there was a waiting list, as well. I didn't want to wait any longer, so I subscribed to my first Glossybox at the beginning of October. I was expecting the October box, but when I noticed in my bank statement that I was charged an additional $15 from Glossybox a week later, I realized that I will be receiving the September box, as well.

I was really excited when I was picking up the package from the post office! I wondered what items would be inside September's box, and it really felt like Christmas to me!

September's box was inspired by the Red Carpet. Let's see what's inside it!

Loki is curious about Glossybox too!

When I opened the box, there was another box inside!

A beautiful pink box. I love their boxes. It's perfect to use if you want to use it as a giftbox.

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Sasa Haul
Back in mid August, I think around the 18th, I placed an order on Sasa. It's the end of October now, and I only received my items now. The reason why it took so long was because I was in Montreal visiting my family when I placed the order. My flight was on September 12th, so I figured that everything would arrive on time, thus I put the shipping address to my family's in Montreal (also, my sister ordered, and we were both convinced that our package would arrive before I left.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive my items by the time I left for Calgary, so my sister didn't have a choice but to ship it to my home address in Alberta. I also recently settled into a new house, so my sister shipped my items to me and they arrived today!

My family sent me other things I have forgotten to pack, such as clothes and gadgets that I didn't include in the picture, but they have also included snacks!

I bought two face masks. I also purchased 2 eye masks because I have horrible dark circles. However, about a week after I placed my order, they sent an e-mail back saying they were out of stock...
I was quite disappointed.

Dolly Wink No.8 Pure Little lashes. I wanted something more natural and subtle. I'm also a sucker for cute packaging, and I love the packaging for their lashes.

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Summer Kawaii
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When I visited my family during the summer in Montreal, I actually managed to nab some kawaii stuff since my sister is a seller. Everything I'm about to post (or most of), are from my sister. Just like the Toronto Haul, I got everything a while ago, but I haven't had time to blog about it until now!

The newest addition to the Arpakasso family. 

I'm actually unsure which collection these two came from. I'm guessing cotton candy? I don't think so. I'm not the expert like my sister.

Two miniature baby Arpakassos. One of them is from the pirate series and the other is from the Scottish series, or what I assume is the Scottish series since they're all wearing plaid.

These two are my favourite! I find the winter one with the scarves and earmuffs the cutest! I have a giant white Arpakasso in a pink scarf, but these two are so much cuter! I was so happy my sister had these two, because they were the ones I wanted badly.

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Toronto Haul
It's actually been a while since I went to Toronto! I believe it was the first week of September, but I have been so busy with packing, moving out, buying furniture and household items, etc. that I haven't had time to blog about the goodies I bought until now!

I love going to Toronto mainly for Pacific Mall. They sell a lot of Asian beauty products, which is difficult for me to buy in the area I live in (unless of course I order online), and they also sell a lot of South Korean and Hong Kong style clothes. Something else I love about Toronto is their food! The food in Toronto tastes so much better than the food in Montreal and Alberta. Especially the bubble tea at Pacific Mall. I finally found my favourite bubble tea shop, but the I had to wait for my order for more than 20 minutes. That's how busy the shop is!

Anyway, onto the goodies I bought.

I bought a lot of beauty products, a lucky fortune cat for my new house, and a couple of Re-ment keychains. I also bought a Dolly Wink pencil liner, but at the last minute I decided to give it to my friend for her birthday. The make-up starter is a just a sample from Holika Holika used to clean dead skin on your face.

I decided to buy two cleansers. One is from Holika Holika and the other I just bought from the supermarket T&T. I really like the Holika Holika one since it leaves my face really refreshed! Both smell really great, but I prefer the Holika Holika one. I picked the one for oily skin type.

I've never tried any Cosmagic products before, but I've heard many good things about them. Cosmagic, along with Koji Dolly Wink, products were sold everywhere in Pacific Mall so I thought I should try out one of their products.

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Pixel Art Dump
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I've always loved drawing. I spent a lot of my childhood drawing, and my hobby continued throughout high school. I've gone through traditional to digital, but I stopped drawing completely about 4 years ago. Pixel art is by far my favourite type of digital art, and I recently started doing pixel art again! I forgot how calming it was to draw on the computer at night while listening to music. Of course my skills have become really rusty...but I plan on continuing! These are my most recent drawings.

I drew this for a long time friend of mine. I based this off a real picture of her!

Ema Skye from Phoenix Wright. I forgot which one she's from since I haven't played in a while, but I much prefer Ema over Maya! Also my first time making an animation.

MOMO from Xenosaga. Her Episode III outfit was my favourite since I've first seen it! I still love it to this day, and I find MOMO looks so adorable! I was never a huge MOMO fan until the third episode. I decided to animate again, but I made it slightly more complex.

That's all for today!

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