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So if you've never heard of Re-ment, it's basically a Japanese toy company. They manufacture a lot of miniature toys like animals, dolls and furnitures, but the collection I like is the miniature foods. I know it sounds completely useless, but they're actually so cute. The variety of food they have is so huge. From European to Japanese to Chinese to grocery food to baked goods, Re-ment has possibly made every food toy imaginable. Except after a certain period of time, the collection stops being manufactured, and there's no way in getting them (unless you go to auctions and spend hundreds of dollars on them).

Oh, Japan. Only you can think of something like this.

I actually knew about these Re-ment food toys a long time ago. I used to go to Toronto every month, and when I went into those kawaii, cutesy stores, I always saw the Re-ment toys. If I actually had the Re-ments, I wouldn't like, play with them with my My Little Pony dolls and whatnot. I want them for the purpose of collecting them. And the annoying thing is, now that I no longer go to Toronto, I want to start collecting them. I'm sure the only way I can buy now is from the internet.

So why do I want to start collecting them now? Because there's this makeup artist I follow on youtube, and people keep talking about this RRcherrypie person on her videos. So, this RRcherrypie must be fabulous if people keep talking about them on Asahi's videos. I looked up RRcherrypie, and it's a guy who makes videos showing Japanese toys. And, of course, he shows off his Re-ment collection.

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All my alpacas are finally here! I ordered them like, back in September, and they took forever to arrive. My sister and I placed two separate orders because we can receive a free keychain after ordering a certain amount of yen. I think we had to order about 5000 yen to get the free gift, and we ordered over 10,000 yen worth of alpacas. We asked her if we could have 2 keychains, and she was like, "No". Hence why we separated the order hehehehe. The first package, my sister's order, arrived about two weeks ago.

All the alpacas from the first order, minus the free keychain. The baby lace alpacas came in a set. I also ordered a set, but a strawberry version instead of lace, so my sister and I traded each other one of our alpacas. She gave me the white alpaca with white pearls.
The one my sister gave me. You can distinguish the males and females from their eyelashes. Mine didn't have any, so we can conclude that it's a guy. But why would a guy wear pink lace and white pearls? Must be gay.

All the alpacas my sister ordered, minus the one she gave me. The pink alpaca head was the free keychain.

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