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So a package arrived yesterday from Japan, and it was a box full of Japanese character plushes. My sister and I ordered them (although almost everything was her's). They're Halloween themed, so it was the perfect seasonal decorations.

I don't know the character's name, but it's a rabbit dressed up in costumes. They sell many of them dressed in different costumes, from alpacas to cats to dresses.  Here is one of the big rabbits with two smaller ones, posing with pumpkins.

Same rabbits, but from a different angle.

The 3 big ones we ordered all lined up with a pumpkin.

All the rabbits we ordered together. The 3 at the back are the big ones, while the 3 at the front are the small ones. They kind of look like the same size, though. There's quite a difference in size in person, and the big ones are waaaaay softer too!

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